The Skipper:
Dave Wyatt has 25 years of experience fishing, surfing and exploring the coast of Tasmania, mainly the South and West Coasts. He is passionate about the surf and untouched beauty of the South West coast of Tasmania.

The ‘Velocity’:
Our vessel is a Licensed Fishing vessel, and a Surveyed Passenger Vessel. 16m New Westcoaster design, custom built fishing and charter vessel. It was launched in November 1999.

With a 14 Knot cruising speed, toilet and shower facilities, well equipped galley, and 8 Berth accommodation you will be more than ready for adventure.

Surveyed to carry 7 overnight passengers plus 2 crew.

Activities available:
* Surfing, including getting dropped into the surf with the dinghy
* A favourite of the skippers is to ’skurf’ or wake board by being towed by the dinghy or even by the boat
* Kayaking – can be arranged with a guide if your experience is limited
* Kite Surfing – harness the wind and the waves in this remote area, while being followed by the boat
* Many opportunities for wind surfing and wave jumping
* Return to the boat to have a hot shower, an energy boosting feast, a rest up and then return for more solitary waves
* When conditions allow, observe the southern lights in the night sky
* Star Gaze upon the night sky unpolluted by any city lights
* Observe the rugged beauty of Maatsuyker Island, Australia’s southern most Lighthouse
* Opportunities for some of the best wilderness Photography in Australia
* and more, inc. Coastal walks, river exploring, and bird watching